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Hornsby Energy TradingHornsby & Company, Inc is engaged in the business of providing high quality energy trading risk management and research as well as energy futures execution and consulting services for hedgers and traders alike. Our research product and trading approach is designed to enable both institutions and high net worth individuals to better navigate the crude oil, natural gas and petroleum product markets. We believe that the information we provide, coupled with our “value added” service and support will be of great use to you if you choose to become involved in the energy markets. We believe that our structuring and trade support capability enables our clients to make hedging/trading decisions on a pro-active rather than re-active basis, thus insuring greater potential in accomplishing their short and long term strategic objectives.

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The commodity markets involve a high degree of risk. It is of paramount importance to us that our clients properly assess their corporate and individual tolerance for risk and trade appropriately within those bounds, be they a hedger or speculator. We strive to provide the highest level of service and support in conducting customer business in these markets.

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Our 18 year old firm has a professional staff with over 60 years experience in the energy derivative markets. Our principal has directed the energy derivative division of a major Wall Street firm, with experience in these markets dating back to the inception of the first listed energy futures in the early 1980′s.

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We provide in-depth, yet concise daily research assessing the fundamental and technical forces driving energy prices. Hornsby & Co. offers daily fundamental and technical research on the crude oil, refined products and natural gas futures markets. This research area is password protected and can only be accessed by Hornsby & Co. clients.

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