Hornsby and Company History

Formed in 1994, Hornsby & Company, Inc. was founded by Charles W. Hornsby Jr. Mr. Hornsby, the former director of the energy futures and derivatives unit of Kidder Peabody & Company from 1984-1994.

The Company was created to provide high quality energy risk management services to institutions and high net worth individuals seeking to hedge or speculate in the energy futures complex. Our focus is to provide coverage in three principal areas for energy traders.

  • Commodity Research and price forecasting for the energy markets. Fundamental and technical analysis is provided relative to crude oil, refined products and natural gas.
  • Consulting for hedgers in the structuring and implementation of commodity swaps, caps, collars and floors.
  • Futures Broker for oil and gas producers, consumers, refiners, marketers and traders on the NYMEX and IPE. Our futures clearing accounts reside with R.J. O’ Brien, Inc. With the advent of electronic trading in crude oil and natural gas, the company provides “all hours” order desk access as well as direct online trading from the client’s desktop if required.

Hornsby Energy Consulting